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Dear Internet Visitor,


 Welcome to the homepage of Tolna County Arhives. Our institution is a rich garner of historical documents of the present and one-time area of this county.


We handle 12000 linear meters of valuable historical documents related to our county from the last decades of the 18th century to our days, and these writings can be the basis of different (historical, local and family history) professional or hobby research.


We suggest you should get to know the history of the institution that has operated since 1727 to have a deeper insight. If you want to get information about different organisations or people, please use our current fonds list.


We would like to call your attention to our issues: 23 volumes of the study series and other aids, sources, study-and conference volumes about the county.


Our research-room with well-informed colleagues is trying to meet the needs of researchers maximally even without registration in advance.


The Tolna County Archives possess all the copyrights and other intellectual rights for contents that are available on our homepage.


Although you can copy and download some parts of the homepage to your computer, you have to ask for a written permission to use and publish the contents of our homepage in another essay.


We wish you a successful and good browsing in the hope that you will visit our archives personally, as well.